Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Never Grow Up

‘No one's ever burned you, nothing's ever left you scarred
And even though you want to, just try to never grow up’

About two years back, these are the words we left home with, awaiting experiences that would change who we are forever.

Two years in Bangalore and two insane years in Christ, people walked in and out of our lives, we have memories, scars, pictures that still put a smile across our faces and so much we could hold on to, yet it is time let go and not look behind, to grow up..

Graduation! The one day where every girl in Christ Junior College wants to look the best and undoubtedly they all did. It is that one day where you leave your nest and find that courage to face your future. Hence, In India, every girl adorns the most bold, beautiful and elegant attire on their graduation day – Sari.

Taanya – Like every other girl, I was looking forward to this day as well. The feeling of growing up, more responsibilities, leaving some friends behind, taking some memories along and mixed emotions! But that did not stop me from dressing young and happy. Flowers, colors, bright and different :)

Saree – Self designed. 

Shoes - Charles and Keith.
Ear rings and Bangles – Commercial Street
Clutch – Metro 

Bhavishya - Graduation to me was liberating, but there was also this sinking feeling deep within me because I knew I was going to leave behind the memories which had become such an important part of me in two years. But I guess that’s how life works and so I held my head up and walked around in my black and cream lehenga saree, feeling like the not –so-little princess that I am, smiling away in the last few moments I had to spend with the ones I love.

Lehenga Saree – Neerus.
Heels – Mochi
Clutch – Slingz
Earrings and Bangles – Commercial Street

These two years, We’ve done people proud and disappointed a few, lessons that have changed the way we perceive life and we can only thank everyone around us for them, we don’t know if we’ll stick around in Bangalore or move to a different place, but Two Skirts One Heart, will keep us together, it’s what we share with each other and you.
Thank you for all the support!

Much love,
Two Skirts One Heart.