Saturday, 18 January 2014

Fearless ( Taylor Swift Edition)

Dream big, aim small
Man you gotta love her
She's  got her hopes up
Got 'em up to there
Wondering what to wear!
- Taylor Swift (What to Wear)

Isn't this every girl’s story? :)
Aren't we always wondering what to wear on those awkward first dates or prom nights where we’re expected to look nothing but splendid?
This is why we singled out Taylor Swift  as our Celebrity Inspiration of the month!

It isn't just her music that we identify with, it’s her sense of style as well; happy days mean floral dresses to her and dark days mean a grey t-shirt with black skinnies.

We've learnt from her that, the way we dress is a reflection of who we are and what we feel like.

We've put together 4 looks that are very ‘Taylor’ but at the same time, they are something each of us could relate to -

“Life isn't how to survive the storm, it's about how to dance in the rain.” - Taylor Swift
Purple Dress – H&M
Earrings – Claire’s

“I’m intimidated by the fear of being average.” - Taylor Swift

Lace Skater Dress - River Island

Gold Belt - Forever New

“There are two different categories of love. The first category is called a fairytale. The second category of love is called just another lesson” - Taylor Swift
Maroon Top - Max
Black Pants - H&M

"I like shirts and sweaters that fall off the shoulder or plaid button-ups." - Taylor Swift
 Plaid Shirt - Mufti

Tank top - Splash

Black Shorts - H&M

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Much love,
Two Skirts One Heart

Friday, 17 January 2014

Today Was a Fairytale

Hey Everyone,
For this post, we decided to style each other!
Routinely, Bhavishya dresses in sour chords and Taanya dresses in sweet melody. But guess what? We were meant to be the best of friends so no matter how we dress, we have a little bit of each other somewhere!

Bhavishya's elegant, poised but still 'out of the box' sense of fashion brought out Taanya's major passion in life- Dance, her look is inspired by the grace of a demure ballet dancer, the pink pleated high low skirt and the black crop top highlights the best of Taanya in a simple yet appealing manner.
Crop Top – H&M
Skirt – Max

Similarly, Taanya's princess-like, gleaming and perky sense of fashion brings out Bhavishya's playful, mischievous yet angelic side which is not known to many but still is a distinct feature of hers. Her look is inspired by the scintillating presence of a Princess, in a white and pink knee-length frock styled with a glittery hair embellishment; she portrays one who guards her mischievous streak with a veil of charm.
Dress – Rio
Hairband - Claires

Both of us are unique, lead different lives, but together we’re like a fairytale come alive, you know like those Disney movies? But instead of a Prince Charming, we’re here to save each other and maybe.. Just maybe this will be our happy ending.

We had a blast styling each other, Hope you love it too! :)

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Much Love,
Two Skirts One Heart

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

OOTD - Lunch at Boca Grande

After loads of blog work from early in the morning, we decided to give ourselves a break and go grab lunch at Boca Grande.
Boca Grande offers great food (American, Italian, Continental, Name it!), beautiful ambiance ( Indoor and Outdoor seating) and amazing dessert (One thing neither of us can do without). We were fed and happy by the end of it.
Both of us kept our looks subtle and classy with simple dresses, hair down and light make - up.

Dresses - Max

All Things Hippie

We are a little bit of hippie at heart. We breathe in peace and breathe out love.
The Hippie look can never die. It grows more and more each day, and has created a wave of fashion. And because you’re a lady, you need to utilize your various options. Being a hippie is expressing your self, go wild because after all, you’re a child of this earth!
So in this post we’ve tried showing you what Hippie Culture means to us.

Taanya – I’ve always had a secret Hippie within me.
Dressing up like a Hippie is not all that hard. Junky jewelry, wacky make – up and comfortable clothes could totally do the trick. They say, life starts from a white hole, so what could be a better option than the color white to look natural and hippie?A little white dress with a jean waist coat is my way of hippie.
The look is absolute and has perfect harmony.
Dress – H&M
Waist Coat – Max
Necklace – Claires
Feather Hairband – Claires
Head band – Claires
Hand gear – Streets of Delhi

Bhavishya – Being a hippie to me is embracing yourself, your inner wild streak.
They say ‘All good things are fierce and free’ and I say it takes a lot of courage to pull of something daring and to be comfortable in it. The little tattered jean shorts paired with a white tube bustier and long beaded necklaces brought to life the hippie in me. The look exemplifies the simple yet unkempt parts of me.
What can I say? I’m a hippie at heart!
Bustier – American Laundry
Shorts – H&M
Beaded Necklaces - Ayesha

And a hippie once said  'Don't be delicate, be vast and brilliant'.
More posts coming your way!

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Much love,
Two Skirts One Heart

Saturday, 11 January 2014

State Of Grace

It’s interesting that lately everyone has been complaining about lace, how it’s overrated, overdone and well…BORING. 
As fashion bloggers, we come across many challenges and this is one we took up with enormous interest - How we’re always up for new things!
Lace according to us can never be overrated. From the runways of Victoria’s Secret to little girls in their frocks, lace can make you feel sexy, elegant, dignified and at the least, pretty!

With or without accessories and make up,
a little bit of lace and a whole lot of grace does the magic for you ;)

We’ve put together two looks that should turn you into a lace-lover in no time!

The color of gold, butter and happiness,
Well it does make me happy at least :)
This look portrays innocence and the angelic grace of childhood,
Yellow skater frock, with red pumps and minimal make-up does the trick,
The flower crown adds an element of purity and you could also add a blingy belt for a final touch.

Dress – Yellow Skater Frock
Belt - Forever New
Shoes – Red Pumps
Flower Crown – Made by us.

Lace in itself has always been a symbol of tasteful dressing for me and when paired with the one color I absolutely adore (Pink), I feel like a princess - My cherry vimto dress is a buy I’m never going to regret, it brings out the most classy and elegant parts of me yet keeps the peppy me satisfied.

To get my look , go Barbie on yourself for a day – Pink Dress, Pink lips, Nude pumps and that beautiful flower crown.
You’re set Princess! - sprightly as ever with a dash of grace.

Dress – Cherry Vimto Dress
Shoes - Nude Pumps (Forever 21)
Flower Crown – Made by us.

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Much love,
Two Skirts One Heart

All That Glitters

Hey everyone,
For our very first post, We’ve decided to put on what we love most – GLITTER!
Glitter is an essential in every girl’s wardrobe, not only does it make you happy but it’s absolutely flattering if not overdone. 
The right amount with the right attitude is the key here!
We’ve put together 2 looks that are completely self-reflective.  - Oh, How we love our glitter!

Taanya – I’ve kept my look subtle and classy. The gold and white never fails to make me feel like a princess and the glitter is just a happy bonus. With golden pumps and minimal accessories, you will manage to turn quite a few heads – Credits to your simplicity!
Dress -  Lara Sequined Bodice Racer Dress (Forever New)
Heels - (Max)

Bhavishya – I’ve always had a little fun with my glitter.Flaunt what you’ve got – has been my mantra.
With a silver cut-out sequined bustier and a black high low skirt, you’ll feel nothing less than a show stopper- I did too!
Minimal accessories with black heels, works wonders for this outfit.
Bustier - Silver sequinned and cut out (American Laundry)
Skirt - High low crossover (Max)
Heels - (Zara)

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Much Love,
Two Skirts One heart.