About Us

It’s fascinating how two completely different girls can have one dream.
Taanya, she believes in sunshine, fairytales and cotton candy living in a world of glitter, with Coldplay as her getaway. She believes she can dance her fears away.
Bhavishya, inspired by bomber jackets and EDM, she lives on diet coke for survival.  Out there and wild, she dreams of Harley Davidson and Justin Timberlake as her arm candy. She lives by the belief, “never a mistake, always a lesson.”

Even though one is ice and the other is fire, Two Skirts One heart is a result of our late night conversations, heartbreaks, our little shopping trips, our journey as best friends and fashion being our speck of hope. Together, we’re like a Paramore Concert in Cinderella’s Ball. Being two extremes of the same string, how we express our style and learn from each other reflects our friendship. TSOH is every girl’s Paradise. With frills and leather, we strive to inspire the world.

If loving fashion is a crime, we plead guilty!

Much love,

Two skirts One heart

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