Saturday, 17 May 2014

Fashion Against Authorities

Does what I'm wearing seem to shock you? Well that's okay’ – Taylor Momsen

Punk is trending all over the high street this season. Choosing the path of dark horses rather than that of the unicorns, doing things your own way and tasting ultimate freedom is what Punk style is all about.

We at TSOH are helping you unleash your inner Punk Goddess.

Rebellion and controversy are elements that define a punk. Similarly we’ve identified aspects that are essential to her closet. She is bold, daring, dark and never fails to leave you stunned.

Elements – Sheer and Animal Print
If you’re a minimalist, looking into your dark side, sheer or animal prints can do wonders for you.
A little animal printed skirt and a sheer paneled top will rub into your punk edges keeping it subtle and classy
Taanya is wearing –
Sheer top & Skirt – H&M

Elements – Jersey Dress, Stockings
If you’re bold and snazzy, there is nothing better than a jersey dress to kick into your punk spots, you can go an extra mile if you dare to do so and pair it up with fishnets or stockings to complete your look.
Bhavishya is wearing
Jersey Dress – ASOS
Stockings – Splash

Elements – Plaid, Band Tee
If you’re planning to keep it casual yet punk, a band tee and plaid pants do justice like none other.
Pair it up with a leather jacket to complete your look. We go all the way or nothing with this one!
Band Tee – Thrifted
Plaid Pants – Max
Leather Jacket – Max

Elements – All Black, Boots, Leather
If you’re going all out punk, this look is audacious and ideal for you!
We’ve incorporated the best of our elements here, leather, the quintessential spiked boots and when it comes in the color black, it screams punk like never before!
Crop Top – H&M
Leather Pants – Splash
Boots – ASOS

No version of Punk look caters to any of the rugged norms and it will definitely disappoint your mothers.
If you're mom walks in and says,
"Honey, your clothes aren't really matching or appropriate.", BINGO!
You have officially nailed it!
So be a rebel, be as punk as you can be!

Much Love,
 Two Skirts One Heart

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