Saturday, 11 January 2014

State Of Grace

It’s interesting that lately everyone has been complaining about lace, how it’s overrated, overdone and well…BORING. 
As fashion bloggers, we come across many challenges and this is one we took up with enormous interest - How we’re always up for new things!
Lace according to us can never be overrated. From the runways of Victoria’s Secret to little girls in their frocks, lace can make you feel sexy, elegant, dignified and at the least, pretty!

With or without accessories and make up,
a little bit of lace and a whole lot of grace does the magic for you ;)

We’ve put together two looks that should turn you into a lace-lover in no time!

The color of gold, butter and happiness,
Well it does make me happy at least :)
This look portrays innocence and the angelic grace of childhood,
Yellow skater frock, with red pumps and minimal make-up does the trick,
The flower crown adds an element of purity and you could also add a blingy belt for a final touch.

Dress – Yellow Skater Frock
Belt - Forever New
Shoes – Red Pumps
Flower Crown – Made by us.

Lace in itself has always been a symbol of tasteful dressing for me and when paired with the one color I absolutely adore (Pink), I feel like a princess - My cherry vimto dress is a buy I’m never going to regret, it brings out the most classy and elegant parts of me yet keeps the peppy me satisfied.

To get my look , go Barbie on yourself for a day – Pink Dress, Pink lips, Nude pumps and that beautiful flower crown.
You’re set Princess! - sprightly as ever with a dash of grace.

Dress – Cherry Vimto Dress
Shoes - Nude Pumps (Forever 21)
Flower Crown – Made by us.

Hope you liked the post, Keep Reading!
Much love,
Two Skirts One Heart

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