Wednesday, 15 January 2014

All Things Hippie

We are a little bit of hippie at heart. We breathe in peace and breathe out love.
The Hippie look can never die. It grows more and more each day, and has created a wave of fashion. And because you’re a lady, you need to utilize your various options. Being a hippie is expressing your self, go wild because after all, you’re a child of this earth!
So in this post we’ve tried showing you what Hippie Culture means to us.

Taanya – I’ve always had a secret Hippie within me.
Dressing up like a Hippie is not all that hard. Junky jewelry, wacky make – up and comfortable clothes could totally do the trick. They say, life starts from a white hole, so what could be a better option than the color white to look natural and hippie?A little white dress with a jean waist coat is my way of hippie.
The look is absolute and has perfect harmony.
Dress – H&M
Waist Coat – Max
Necklace – Claires
Feather Hairband – Claires
Head band – Claires
Hand gear – Streets of Delhi

Bhavishya – Being a hippie to me is embracing yourself, your inner wild streak.
They say ‘All good things are fierce and free’ and I say it takes a lot of courage to pull of something daring and to be comfortable in it. The little tattered jean shorts paired with a white tube bustier and long beaded necklaces brought to life the hippie in me. The look exemplifies the simple yet unkempt parts of me.
What can I say? I’m a hippie at heart!
Bustier – American Laundry
Shorts – H&M
Beaded Necklaces - Ayesha

And a hippie once said  'Don't be delicate, be vast and brilliant'.
More posts coming your way!

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